Obama Legacy Book 3-dimensional cover
"WE THE PEOPLE, in order to create a more perfect historical record, establish fairness in media coverage, insure a balanced narrative, provide for our children's education, promote the appropriate vocabulary for dialogue, secure for this president a place of honor in public consciousness for ourselves, our posterity and the greater world, do compile and present The Obama Legacy We-Write, for one and all."

These individuals' generous contributions are helping make this book a reality!

Levels $1, $5, $10, $25

Levels $50, $100

• Stacey Spencer-Willoughby • Ernest Capers
• Kenneth McRae
• Eva Solar
• Riza Oledan-Ramos

Levels $200, $500

• Andrew Morrison (Small Business Camp)

Level $1000 plus

• Heru Shango
• Zelda Owens
• Thelma Rose Golding